MosaicWOW! The Art of Steve Terlizzese

"Maximalism" is the audacious opposite of Minimalism. It's a party for the eyes, a riotous celebration of color and texture, a gathering of lots and LOTS of interesting objects that challenge the creative mind to find the commonalities, contrasts and clashes. My maximal approach is a completely unapologetic mingling of ceramics, glass, tile, porcelain, shells, pottery, game pieces, jewelry, -and any other damn thing that's shiny, curvy, bumpy, blingy, fancy, pretty, funny, or artsy. I favor designs that are ornate, detailed,          palace-worthy and straight-up over-the-top. 

I build all my grand clocks, sculptures and hall trees from scratch: no two alike in their shape or design, -no duplicates whatsoever. I hunt through thrift stores, antique malls, estate sales, auctions, flea markets (dumpsters, yes),    and seashores to find the materials and objects.

A wise old artist told me years ago  to "work with what you have on hand", -and so the objects on hand determine the themes.

​Check out the collections of clocks, sculptures, installations, etc., -and contact me if you have a custom project or art piece in mind.

Mosaicwow! The Art of Steve Terlizzese Mosaic Art

Collage mosaic